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A company with a great tradition

For over 100 years, Uhlig has been producing and supplying pipeline components such as elbows, tees, reducers and pipe supports for industrial facilities such as power stations and chemical and petrochemical plants, for plant construction, offshore, shipbuilding, pipelines, compressor stations and for the construction of appliances and containers.



After being run as part of a group for 23 years, Uhlig returned to private ownership in 1996 and developed new momentum. Through the launch of new products (weld cladding, corrugated pipes, semi-elliptical heads and extrusions), innovative development in cutting edge welding technology (TimeTwin + CMT) and pioneering testing techniques (traditional non-destructive and new destructive), the company has been able to operate with great customer focus, organise production in tune with the times and retain and create jobs.