• Z(f)P Through our mechanically technological testing of materials we are able to guarantee extreme product and process reliability.

  • WEL-COR Using cutting-edge welding technology, we produce corrugated pipes, boiler construction components and pressure parts exactly to client specifications.

  • Elbows and fittings With our elbow pipes and fittings, we have the right solution for every project.

Solutions for tubes | fittings | boilers

Welcome to Uhlig Rohrbogen!

Your specialists for pipeline components

For over 100 years, Uhlig has been making and supplying pipeline components: 

  • Elbow pipes
  • T-pieces
  • Reducers and pipeline brackets for industrial facilities such as power stations, plant construction, offshore, shipbuilding, pipelines, compressor stations, chemical and petrochemical plants, construction of appliances and containers


Since the end of 1997, Uhlig has also made:

  • Weld-clad components for boiler and apparatus construction
  • Tube-fin walls, single pipes and flanges, which are clad up to a length of 10 metres using cutting-edge welding technology.

Uhlig has the capacity to design, make and install complex boiler components, especially for waste incineration plants.


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